'Magic: The Gathering" Strixhaven: School of Mages Mystical Set Launched; Artist Accused of Plagiarism

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Wizard of the Coast game developer suspended their freelance artist over plagiarism claims.
The game developer Wizards of the Coast have suspended a freelance artist after they have discovered claims that they plagiarized a fan art during the creation of the artwork for the card "Magic: The Gathering."

Magic: The Gathering plagiarism issue

The art that is in question can be found on the new reprint of Crux of Fate that is available as part of the new Strixhaven set.

The card features an image of two dragons named Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, and Nicol Bolas. The two dragons can be seen engaged in battle.

The image of Nicol Bolas is almost the same to a piece of fan art that was created by Kitt Lapeña, which was uploaded on DeviantArt back in 2016.

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Lapeña, who uses the name Scarypet online, posted a video about the incident on Twitter and talked about the lengths of the plagarism.

While the pose Nicol Bolas is positioned on the card is not the same to Lapeña's fan art, by simply rotating the dragon's limbs you can see that the silhouette and even many of the good details of the artwork are identical.

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