Marjorie Taylor Greene's worst nightmare
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Follow us on Twitter: @rawstorypodcast Welcome to the Raw Story Podcast! This week we welcome the man who keeps Marjorie Taylor Greene awake at night. Military veteran Marcus Flowers served in the US Army, spending time in Iraq and Afghanistan... And when he had enough of Greene's shenan...
Will former President Donald Trump's late endorsement of Wright's widow, Susan Wright, be enough to secure her a decisive berth in an anticipated runoff? And will Democrats, who believe they have a shot at flipping the district, be able to get one of their candidates in that overtime round?

"I am afraid of a lockout," said U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Ariz., who chairs the Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC that has endorsed one of the top Democratic candidates, Jana Lynne Sanchez. "There's nothing much we can do about it except make sure we run the best race possible."

Gallego said he was nonetheless confident that Sanchez, the 2018 nominee for the seat, would be the Democrat who makes the runoff, citing her experience of putting the district in play previously and her focus on health care.

On the Republican side, there are similarly high expectations for Susan Wright, who entered the contest looking formidable but has been unable to emerge as a clear frontrunner as other Republicans' bids have distinguished themselves. Rick Barnes, the Tarrant County GOP chairman who endorsed Susan Wright early on, said he has "always been very comfortable" with her chances throughout the race and remains so, but he acknowledged she has had to navigate a thicket of competition.

"I don't think any race is easy anymore," Barnes said. "That's just where we are in politics today. This race just grew so big. When we say it's a jungle race, it is literally a jungle race."

The race got a late jolt Friday afternoon when Susan Wright's campaign said it had reached out to law enforcement after hearing of a "criminal smear" robocall alleging that she had killed her husband. Ron Wright died in February after being hospitalized with COVID-19 and living for years with cancer. Susan Wright denounced the robocall as "illegal, immoral, and wrong."

Up until Friday afternoon, the homestretch of the race was highlighted by Trump coming to Susan Wright's rescue. He endorsed her Monday, surprising…
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