Marshall's AirPods Pro-style earbuds look good – but the battery life doesn't deliver
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The iconic music company has launched two pairs of wireless earbuds
Marshall, the company best known for its iconic guitar amps, has announced two new pairs of true wireless earbuds: the Motif ANC and the Minor III.

The flagship pair are the Motif ANC, which come with an AirPods Pro-style design, active noise cancellation, and an IPX5 water-resistance rating.

They also come with what Marshall calls an "outstanding battery life" – but we'd describe it as average, at best. You get 20 hours in total, with 4.5 hours of playback from the earbuds themselves.

That's about the same as the AirPods Pro, but Apple's noise-cancelling earbuds are a good two years older than the Marshall Motif ANC. Plus, there are plenty of true wireless earbuds that offer far longer battery lives, such as the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, which offer 35 hours in total. And yes, they come with noise…
Olivia Tambini
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