Marvel Boss On Why Ms. Marvel Will Be A Disney+ Show, Not A Movie
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Kevin Feige explains why some superheroes get shows and others get films.
While 2020 was the first year without a single release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since it started, there is a wide variety of titles set to be released over the next few years. The MCU is about to make its TV debut with WandaVision, which releases on Disney+ this week, and Black Widow will hopefully hit theaters this spring. Now Marvel Studio boss Kevin Feige has spoken about how the studio decides which projects will be series, and which will be movies.

In an interview with Collider, Feige explained that it was down to the characters, their stories, and which medium will best serve them, and gave the upcoming series Ms. Marvel as an example.

"It really is about the individual stories you want to tell and a bit informed by the bigger picture," he said. "We knew that we…
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