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Marvel's 'Eternals' has a Bollywood number with a simple problem

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This song is goofy as heck.
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I have been living in fear of the Eternals Bollywood number for more than a year and a half.

As soon as rumors began in March 2020 that Marvel's next cosmic team-up would feature a Bollywood sequence with star Kumail Nanjiani, I freaked out. I've written at length about Hollywood's attempts to recreate the musical magic of Indian cinema, often about how they fall short . I was cautiously optimistic after Never Have I Ever , if only because the bar had been raised. But other than that, I had every reason to panic. It's not like anyone involved in Never Have I Ever was going to be working on Eternals. Plus, that was a 30-second performance at a function, not a number intended to be part of a full-scale movie musical! Eternals was raising the stakes literally and figuratively, with a massive built-in audience who would watch it all fall apart if things went south.

When the film finally hit theaters, I exhaled.

Eternals' Bollywood number looks almost like the real thing. It's colorful and lavish, with respectable costumes, choreography, and dancing. The set is clearly knockoff Sanjay Leela Bhansali , and I'd expect nothing less. There's a sanitized quality in that the costumes, jewelry, and movement have all been sanded down to whatever is recognizably and palatably Indian to unfamiliar audiences. I don't love it, but I understand and can accept it.

But the song, "Nach Mera Hero," is goofy as heck.

I first passed this assessment when Marvel released a teeny, tiny clip ahead of the film's release. The dance is barely in it; the clip quickly switches gears to Kingo and his history with the Eternals. Yet 15 seconds was enough to soothe my fears that the…
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