Matt Prater after kicking game-winning field goal: "I kind of black out"
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Yeah, I'd probably feel the same way tbh.
One can imagine there's just nothing like kicking a game-winning field goal. Even after all his time in the league, Matt Prater still feels the pure, unbridled excitement.

"I honestly don't know what happens to me after a game winner because everybody goes so crazy. I kind of black out," Prater said Sunday after the win. "I usually say a bunch of things, I don't even know what I'm saying, headbutt Jack (Fox) and Mule (Don Muhlbach) and celebrate with everybody — it's fun."

Prater kicked a 39-yarder to secure a 26-23 win against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday at State Farm Stadium. Observe:

The veteran said it doesn't matter whether it's long or short, he expects to make it.

"I treat them all the same. So it's frustrating, I expect to make those long ones but it was nice to come back and have four shorter kicks, which I expect to make them all. The offense at the end did a great job of moving the ball down, ran the clock out, set it up,…
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