Matt Ryan was sacked 9 times against Saints, 2nd-highest total in Falcons history
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Ryan was absolutely brutalized behind a line that really shouldn't be this bad.
The Falcons thrived the last time out against the Saints in part because they kept Matt Ryan clean, and he had an efficient, clean game in return. Ryan was far worse in this one, fumbling once and throwing two picks, but he also was not kept clean.

This was, on the numbers alone, the second-worst performance by a Falcons offensive line in team history, and one of the worst performances in NFL history. In 1984 against the Browns, Steve Bartkowski was sacked 10 times in a single game, a mark I hope is never exceeded. Ryan's ugly night against the Saints was equaled in in 1970 (Randy Johnson took nine sacks against the Vikings) and during…
Dave Choate
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