Meet Keithcity Group: The Design Agency Multimillion-Dollar Businesses Are Calling
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 18, 2021 / This rapidly growing agency is designing solutions for Community, Songtrust, and more. Building a full-service ...
design agency of their own wasn't originally the plan. But when the opportunity came, friends and design experts Alejandro Corpus and Liz Yam dropped everything to seize it. Now, with Keithcity Group, they are leading a new kind of design agency-one that has become as engaging as the brand giants on its roster.

Photo by Andres Castillo

Alejandro and Liz first met while working together at award-winning (and somewhat infamous) brand design and development firm Peter Arnell Agency. There, Alejandro served for several years as a Brand Consultant & Motion Designer. Liz also spent years as the Head of Digital Products, managing UX/UI designers, and managing client relations while reporting directly to Arnell, a notoriously demanding boss. Both Alejandro and Liz agree that their experiences at the agency played an important role in their growth and ability to handle difficult projects as well as people.

Alejandro and Liz shared the desire to thrive in a business environment that reflected their values of creativity and inclusivity. That's why, when Alejandro decided to bid for the opportunity to work on the text-based platform called Community, his first call was to Liz to ask if she would help with the proposal. Liz says, "Once we won that bid, it was straight off to the races."

What started as a single project quickly grew into a New York City-based design agency led by a team as diverse as its range of clients. Alejandro, as Creative Director, oversees creative production, art direction, and client relations while Liz, as Head of Strategy, focuses on content development, strategic ideation, and managing the team.

"We're able to establish our own…
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