Michael Jackson's Instagram Pronouns

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Late entertainer Michael Jackson does have an active, verified Instagram account -- and a viral screenshot showing his pronouns as "he/he."
Claim Michael Jackson's Instagram pronouns are he/he.

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AdvertisementsOn June 7 2021, the Facebook page "Musick Puns & Memes" shared a May 2021 Twitter screenshot, suggesting that late entertainer Michael Jackson's Instagram pronouns were changed to "he/he":

At least two identical tweets were shared in a three-minute span, of which the one above was the first and most viral; both queried who had updated Jackson's Instagram pronouns. In addition to a screenshot of the @michaeljackson Instagram account, "he/he" appeared next to Jackson's normally rendered name.

Earlier Iterations of 'Michael Jackson's Pronouns Were He/He'

As early as 2019, a Reddit user posted to r/ShowerThoughts joking about Jackson's "he/he" pronouns:

A Twitter user made a similar joke, racking up engagement and suggesting the notion had been floating around for a while:

The Use of Pronouns in Social Media Biography Fields

It's not precisely clear when the addition of pronouns to social media "bio" fields became commonplace, but as of 2020, the practice was commonly considered newsworthy when undertaken by a prominent cisgender person.

An article published in December 2020 about Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook's addition of pronouns to his Twitter bio reported:

Apple CEO Tim Cook looks to have made the change recently. On December 5, his bio reads "Apple CEO  Auburn Duke National Parks "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'" – MLK. he/him." A Wayback Machine screenshot from November 27 shows that his pronouns were not in his bio then, so he made the change sometime after November 27. […] "Introducing yourself as a cisgender person with your pronouns – which are words that are used to refer to someone without using their name – can make a more inclusive and safe environment for trans people to also share their pronouns…Another easy way to normalize sharing your pronouns is to add your pronouns to your social media…
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