Michigan election staff recommend certification of Biden win

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The state Bureau of Elections said all of Michigan's 83 counties had sent their certified results to Lansing.
DETROIT (AP) — Michigan's election agency on Friday recommended that the Nov. 3 results be certified next week by state canvassers, a decision that would bless Joe Biden's victory over President Donald Trump but likely not cool partisan strife over the vote.

The recommendation was posted online with the formal Monday meeting notice of the Board of State Canvassers. The guidance came at the end of a stormy week in which Trump summoned Republican state lawmakers to the White House on Friday in an extraordinary effort to try to set aside Biden's 154,000-vote victory.

On Tuesday, GOP canvassers in Michigan's largest county, Wayne, refused to certify local results but then changed their position after hours of intense public criticism over Zoom. Then after talking to Trump, they said a day later they were rescinding their previous vote but it was too late.

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