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Michigan State Rep. Isaac Robinson Dies from Suspected Coronavirus Infection in Detroit

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The 44-year-old Democrat's mother said her son had been experiencing breathing problems for days but was not tested for COVID-19.
Michigan State Representative Isaac Robinson died on Sunday morning in Detroit after he was hospitalized hours earlier over respiratory issues. Robinson had not been tested for COVID-19, but his mother says the virus is suspected to have caused his death.

The 44-year-old Detroit Democrat was transported to Detroit Receiving Hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning local time after having experienced breathing problems for days. In an obituary, published by Crain's Detroit Business, Rose Mary Robinson, a former Democratic Detroit state representative who's the deceased's mother, confirmed that her son had not been tested for COVID-19 prior to his death, but that the new disease is suspected to have caused his passing.

"I called EMS, they took him to Receiving at 6 a.m. and he was dead by 11," she said, adding that he had been experiencing issues with breathing for days and refused to visit a doctor.

"He wouldn't go to the hospital. I kept insisting the last three days,"…
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