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Microsoft Surface Duo 2: Specs, Price, Release Date
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The second time around, Microsoft's foldable mobile comes closer to what it actually is: a phone.
Two Octobers ago, Microsoft revealed its long-in-the-works dual-screened device, named the Surface Duo. No one bought it.

That's not actually true. Some people did buy it. But the mobile device was hamstrung by glitchy software and Microsoft's bewildering categorization of the product. The company's product chief, Panos Panay, refused to call it a phone, though it ran on Android and made phone calls. And he held a strong belief that a pocketable device running multiple apps across two separate screens would send people into a trancelike state for work.

But Microsoft kept iterating, as companies with trillion-dollar market caps can afford to do, and now it has produced the next version of the handset, the Surface Duo 2. It's supposed to start shipping a month from now, and its sticker price has Big Phone energy: $1,499. It is also undoubtedly a phone. Microsoft is willing to acknowledge that fact this time around. The new Duo even supports 5G.

The Surface Duo 2 is also being pitched as something the original not-a-phone wasn't: a fun phone. When Panay showed off the first Duo, he talked about staying "in the flow" an…
Lauren Goode
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