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Microsoft Teams allows businesses and organizations to stay connected, but what if something goes wrong? Here's how to solve a few different common issues.
Microsoft Teams was introduced in 2017 as a unified communication and collaboration platform, helping businesses and organizations get things done. Microsoft leveraged the company's existing Office software experience, creating a unified experience between Teams, Office 365, and Skype for Business. However, as with all software, things don't always go according to plan. If you're having problems with Microsoft Teams, here's how to fix some of the most common issues.

Glitch: Teams only shows older messages and threads

If you aren't receiving the latest messages from your colleagues, or your feed appears to be frozen in time, we would recommend restarting the application.

To restart Teams on Windows 10, look for the Teams icon (a small purple icon of two people) in the taskbar in the lower-right of your screen — you may need to click a little arrow to expand the taskbar. Once the icon is located, right-click it and select Quit. On MacOS, right-click the Teams icon in your Dock, then choose Quit. Now, reopen the application to see if your problem has been solved.

Problem: Microphone or webcam refuses to work correctly

If you're having problems with your webcam or microphone, begin by ensuring that your hardware is plugged incorrectly. Next, ensure that during a meeting, your microphone and webcam are enabled — you will see toggle switches for these options when you join a new call.

If other applications can see your webcam and microphone, but Teams cannot, you may need to allow permissions for Teams. To alter permissions on Windows 10, click the Windows Search Bar then type in Webcam. Under the Choose Which Apps Can Access Your Webcam, make sure Teams or the web browser you are using to access Teams is enabled.

To alter Teams' permissions on MacOS, click the Apple menu icon in the upper-left corner of the screen, then choose System Preferences. From here, select Security and Privacy, then Camera — you may need to click the lock icon to make changes here.…
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