Mom is mortified to discover her thong has been stuck to her child's velcro shoe all day: 'I would simply pass away'
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The story just kept getting worse and worse, and now the embarrassing footage has been watched over 8 million times...
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A mom is going viral for her hilarious underwear mishap, and TikTok is dying of secondhand embarrassment.

Mom and TikToker, Gracie Noe (@gracienoe) recorded the moment she learned about the shocking incident — and since uploading the footage, she has gained over 8 million views and 20 thousand comments.

But it wasn't just a case of misplaced underwear that had Gracie turning red. It was the way her child explained the situation to her teachers that really curled Gracie's toes.

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In the video, Gracie films her face as her daughter's horrifying story unfolds — and as one commenter observed, it's like "watching [her] go through the five stages of grief."

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Gracie's daughter explains, "I was gonna walk to class when a teacher, and I saw a teacher, and they said, 'There's something on your shoe honey.'"

She continues,…
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