Most people still reuse passwords across multiple sites
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In a survey of 1,041 US residents aged 18 or older, PCMag found that 25% of them admit to sometimes reusing the same password. A similar number...
Why it matters: Do you, like many people, reuse passwords across multiple websites and services? It should go without saying that such action isn't a good idea; it's a great way to fall victim to hackers. But a new survey shows that 70% of adults still use the same password for more than one thing.

(24%) said they do this most of the time, while 21% admitted to doing it all of the time.

As readers of this site will know, reusing passwords is something hackers love, especially as many websites and services use email addresses as usernames. Should these login credentials appear in mass data leaks, someone could simply try them across multiple locations to see if they get lucky. The 167 million LinkedIn accounts that went up for sale on the dark web in 2016 are suspected to have…
Rob Thubron
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