Motorola 680x0 High Performance Processor In FPGA
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Apollo Core 68080 is a Complex Instruction Set Computing (CISC) CPU which is code-compatible with the Motorola 68K and ColdFire families. Apollo Core 68080 is the latest, natural and modern evolution of 68k processors. Powered by latest CPU technologies including being superscalar, fully pipelined with hyper-threading and dual buss. Introduces 64 Bit SIMD extension taht is geared towards the SIMD extensions in RISC architectures like AltiVEC or Wireless MMX.
By design, a RISC processor has a an advantage due to "operations per instruction".

For the hardware developer, the RISC makes it easier to pipeline. This means you need less knowledge as hardware designer to fully pipeline a RISC ISA. As the 68020 was not fully pipelined, it has a disadvantage.

The 68080 is 100% pipelined and easily beats the ARM |

A CISC ISA requires more "thinking" for the hardware engineer. We did this "thinking" for the…
Gunnar von Boehn
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