Move over M.2, here comes the XFM memory specification
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The JEDEC JESD233 XFM Embedded and Removable Memory Device (XFMD) standard uses the NVMe logical interface over a PCI Express physical interface, meaning that XFMD cards will...
Why it matters: The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association has introduced a new Crossover Flash Memory (XFM) specification for NAND storage, designed to replace the existing M.2 form factor. Its significantly smaller form factor could help to bring replaceable storage into smaller devices that have traditionally only been able to fit soldered memory, but size isn't all that matters on that front.

appear to their host devices just as an M.2 stick would. Although the standard uses only one or two lanes of the interface, the bandwidth of PCIe Gen 4 still gives it far higher data transfer speeds than UFS chips (like those pictured above), soldered eMMC storage, and removable SD storage.

The last is a particularly important point of…
Matthew Lee
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