M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Brian Pontarelli, CEO of FusionAuth

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Do you feel comfortable with who your users are, and what information they can access? Brian Pontarelli has built his career on solving login, registration, and user management challenges for companies growing from a handful of users - to millions. Here's what you need to know...
Brian Pontarelli: I'm a software developer myself, so I've focused my work and my entrepreneurial efforts around things that make life easier for developers. As the world has shifted to putting more technology in our hands, developers have had a more important role in terms of how we live our lives – whether we, as consumers, think about it or not. They are building the tools we use to bank, to communicate and to travel. It's been a passion of mine to help them do their jobs more efficiently so they can continue to build innovative tools for us.

After heading up multiple engineering teams at a number of tech companies like BEA Systems and Orbitz Worldwide, I shifted gears and founded my own company, Inversoft, which was created in 2005. At Inversoft, we started building a basic profanity filter for Java applications, which we grew into CleanSpeak – a robust platform for filtering and moderating user-generated content.

It became clear pretty quickly that CleanSpeak clients needed an authorization and user management solution for their end users. We created Passport, which was rebranded FusionAuth, in 2017 to meet this need. It's a complete, developer-focused API-first customer identity access management (CIAM) platform and brings everything back full-circle in terms of making things easier for developers. Identity and access management is absolutely necessary, especially as we have moved so much of what we do online — think banking, gaming and communicating…
M.R. Rangaswami
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