MSNBC's Joy Reid compares Texas Republicans to the Taliban
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MSNBC host Joy Reid referred to recent Texas Republican pro-life bills as "Talibanism."
On Monday, Reid, host of the MSNBC show "The Reid Out", shared an opinion piece written by Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin. The op-ed titled "Republicans now stand for lawlessness and disorder" criticized the abortion ban signed by Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott back in May.

"This is a law designed not to 'protect life' (a farce, given that protecting innocent life has taken a back seat when covid-19 restrictions were at issue), but rather to create fear and uncertainty for women and health-care providers," Rubin wrote. "Will miscarriages lead to a lawsuit from a nosy office worker seeking to cash in on the reward? Will abortion bounties become a weapon in divorce and custody cases? No one knows — and that is the point. The law seeks not to protect the fetus in any systematic way but rather to intimidate women, making them into cash cows for spiteful anti-choice busybodies."

Reid retweeted Rubin's post on Twitter along with her own thoughts on the bill.

"So now Texas…
Lindsay Kornick
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