MSNBC's Morning Joe says Qanon cultists pose violent threat to their Democratic colleagues
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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough warned that Qanon cultists in Congress were putting their colleagues in danger.Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other members of the so-called "Squad" worried that Republican lawmakers who've expressed support for the right-wing conspiracy theory or white supremacist ...
Last Wednesday, thousands of Donald Trump's white supremacist supporters, at his de facto command, launched an assault on the U.S. Capitol with the goal of stopping Joe Biden from becoming the next president. While investigations are ongoing, some people in the mob may have planned to kidnap or assassinate members of Congress they consider "traitors," along with Vice President Mike Pence, who presided over the ceremonial count of the electoral votes. Trump's fascist mob was well equipped for the task, as some of their members were armed with guns and other weapons, and clad in paramilitary gear. This article was originally published at Salon

Five people have now died during and after the Capitol attack. Dozens more were injured. This Trump-inspired uprising is likely not over and may be in its early stages. There are credible reports by the FBI and other American law enforcement agencies that right-wing paramilitaries and other domestic terrorists are planning even more violence across the country in the days leading to Biden's inauguration next week. This attack was not an isolated event: The entire Age of Trump has been typified by right-wing violence. When Trump finally leaves office, the right-wing violence he has enabled and permitted may only get worse.On Wednesday, by a vote of 232 to 197, Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives for a second time, on this occasion for "incitement of insurrection." All 222 Democrats (along with 10 Republicans) voted to impeach, while four Republicans abstained. Trump is now the only president to have been impeached twice, and clearly rivals only Andrew Johnson or James Buchanan for the shameful distinction of being the worst president in American history. Instead of being cowed by the violence at the U.S. Capitol and his second impeachment, Trump, like other autocrats and fascists, appears even more desperate and emboldened. On Tuesday, during a visit to his "border wall" in Texas, Donald Trump warned the…
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