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It's crazy to see how fast Figma has succeeded to capture such a big chunk of the design market. Design teams all around the world are rapidly switching to Figma as their main design tool. For a long…
Usage & Performance

When I was working on Sketch on a regular basis, it tended to crash a lot and files were gone without having an up to date version.

Figma solved this issue as it works very smooth, fast and doesn't crash often if any. The biggest bonus is that you don't need to worry about saving your files as it always keeps your files saved and up to date.

Having said that, I think Sketch is more convenient, more software than an app, as it was built in a traditional way, it feels more like a native app.

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RTL support

I'm aware of the fact this might not be a top priority for both of the companies, but still, none of them is perfect for RTL usage.

Itay Dreyfus
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