'My Head Is Bleeding': Mom of Teen Killed by Police Says Cops Roughed Her Up During Protest Arrest

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Tracy Cole was arrested during protests in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, over the DA's decision not to charge the officer who fatally shot her 17-year-old son.
Cops arrested and threatened to tase the mom of Alvin Cole, the 17-year-old Black Wisconsin teen killed by police in February, during the second night of protests in Wauwatosa.

Tracy Cole, along with her daughters Taleavia and Tristiana Cole, were among several demonstrators arrested Thursday night while protesting the district attorney's decision Wednesday not to charge Officer Joseph Mensah in the fatal shooting at a local mall.

Witnesses say the three were seated in a vehicle in the parking lot of a local church after the city's recently-instated 7 p.m. curfew.

In a jittery, 20-minute Facebook Live video captured by another one of Tracy's daughters from inside the car, police can be heard off-screen asking Tracy to exit the vehicle. A frustrated Tracy can be heard asking why she's being arrested and screaming at the officers to not touch her. The officers then say that she's under arrest before threatening to tase her for not cooperating.

As the arrest proceeds, Cole says she can't breathe and explains that she is Alvin Cole's mother.

"I can't believe y'all did this to me. Y'all killed my son," Tracy says at one point. "He hit me in my head and…
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