Native Rust support on Cloudflare Workers
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Introducing the Cloudflare Workers Rust SDK: write your entire Worker in Rust, no JavaScript required.
You can now write Cloudflare Workers in 100% Rust, no JavaScript required. Try it out:

Cloudflare Workers has long supported the building blocks to run many languages using WebAssembly. However, there has always been a challenging "trampoline" step required to allow languages like Rust to talk to JavaScript APIs such as fetch() .

In addition to the sizable amount of boilerplate needed, lots of "off the shelf" bindings between languages don't include support for Cloudflare APIs such as KV and Durable Objects. What we wanted was a way to write a Worker in idiomatic Rust, quickly, and without needing knowledge of the host JavaScript environment. While we had a nice "starter" template that made it easy enough to pull in some Rust libraries and use them from JavaScript, the barrier was still too high if your goal was to write a full program in Rust and ship it to our edge.

Not anymore!

Introducing the worker crate, available on GitHub and, which makes Rust developers feel right at home on the Workers platform by running code inside the V8 WebAssembly engine.…
Steve Manuel
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