Navajo Nation Sends PPE to India?
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A tweet about the Navajo Nation sending personal protective gear to India was popular across platforms.
Claim In late April 2021, the Navajo Nation donated extra personal protective equipment (PPE) to India.

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AdvertisementsOn May 2 2021, a Reddit user shared an undated screenshot to r/MadeMeSmile, showing a tweet describing how the Navajo Nation donated personal protective equipment, or PPE, to India; the image was shared to Imgur a few hours later:

That tweet was originally shared by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof on April 27 2021, and it read:

I just heard that Navajo Nation, which has done a heroic job wrestling the coronavirus to the ground, is now donating extra PPE to India. The Navajo have been a model of resolve in fighting the pandemic, and are now a model in supporting others worldwide who need help.

Kristof did not attach any news items about the Navajo Nation donating PPE to India, and qualified the tweet with "I just heard … " Discussions on all three variations (the original tweet, the Reddit post, and the Imgur version) did not include any supplemental citations.


In June 2020, the BBC reported that the Navajo Nation faced the highest infection rates in the United States at that time:

Since Covid-19 was first reported in the Nation on 15 March [2020], infection rates per capita have become the highest in the country when compared with any individual state. As of 14 June [2020], 6,611 cases have been confirmed. More than 300 people have died after contracting the virus as well – a toll higher than 15 states. The Navajo Nation is the largest reservation of its kind, in both size and population. More than 173,000 people live within its borders, in pockets of communities spread across the deserts and canyons of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. If it were a state, the Nation would be larger than 10 others.

In May 2020, NBC News published an article about indigenous American communities and their difficulties securing federal aid during the Trump administration — including an instance in which a community…
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