Neo-Nazis Uses Social Media to Recruit New Members and Make Money
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Neo-Nazis promote their events and products online, with some even forming their own martial arts group to participate in tournaments.
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Neo-Nazis are still active online, and they are taking a different form. In Europe, the right-wing extremists are part of a premier martial arts group.

Neo-Nazis are Making Money Online

The German authorities have banned the tournament of the martial arts group twice. However, the Kampf der Nibelungen, or Battle of the Nibelungs, is still active on Facebook, according to GlobalNews.

The organizers of the martial arts group maintain multiple pages, including on YouTube and Instagram, which they use to spread their ideology, recruit new members, and make money by selling merchandise and tickets.

The Battle of the Nibelungs is one of the dozens of right-wingers that continue to use social media sites for profit despite the platforms' repeated promise to remove them from their respective websites.

Currently, 54 Facebook profiles belong to 39 groups. According to The Associated Press, these groups have been flagged as extremist by the German government and civil society groups.

The extremist groups have nearly 268,000 friends on Facebook.

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The civil society groups also discovered 39 Instagram profiles related to the group, 16 Twitter accounts, and 34 YouTube channels. The channels have more than…
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