Nesten, Inc., Launches World's First Blockchain-Based Shared Advertising Platform at MWC Los Angeles 2021
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Nesten, Inc., a leader in the next generation of community-based distributed communications and storage, will be introducing its blockchain-powered shared advertising platform at MWC Los Angeles October 26-28. The company will demonstrate its comprehensive peer-to-peer advertising platform that allows individuals to play back media files on shared display assets.
Nesten's World's First Blockchain-Based Shared Advertising Platform "The team at Nesten is excited about the potential to design a new ecosystem in advertising as well as in self-marketing and messaging. What's more, opportunities like this shared advertising platform will help to solidify our user base and grow our network," said Andrew Baek, CEO/CTO of Nesten.

Nesten's decentralized, multi-layer blockchain network is ideally designed to foster new opportunities for the sharing economy in an array of market verticals, expanding the possibilities for real-world applications of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and distributed communications architecture. By transforming next-gen technology into a viable financial ecosystem, this innovative advertising platform is yet another example of the company's commitment to providing users with both a trusted network and the tools to optimize it.

A New Way to Advertise

With its innovative use of latest display technology, Nesten has built a turnkey, direct payment advertising system. From a smartphone app, users can upload individual marketing videos and schedule or reserve specified showing times, frequencies, and duration on display assets. Advertising space can be purchased with secure crypto payments via Nesten's NIT, the company's proprietary cryptocurrency. Funds are held in the blockchain-based escrow account, then disbursed directly to the display owner upon play-back completion—instantly, securely, and with no overhead transaction fees or intermediaries.

Individual users now have the opportunity to present their unique videos and messages in high visibility areas at low cost to increase social media engagement or simply show personal appreciation for friends and family members. From a broader commercial standpoint, established businesses can implement more effective marketing campaigns in targeted…
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