'Never Forget': The Hollow Virtue Signal of Woke Corporations

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The 9/11 phrase is often an empty virtue signal driven by economic need, not patriotism.
This past weekend marked the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The famous phrase "Never Forget" was plastered all over social media, signaling to all that Americans can still be united on this day, if no other. Tragically, though, for big corporations, it is an empty virtue signal driven by economic need rather than true patriotism.

September 11 was very formative to this author. Up until that point, my young mind had been fed a steady diet of moral relativism, philosophical pluralism, and ignorance of true malice in this world. What those hijackers did on those planes was unambiguously evil, even to a youngster like myself, and it forced me to really evaluate what I had been taught and what I believed.

The horror and tragedy of that day was juxtaposed with the incredible heroism on the part of many Americans. There were brave flight attendants whose last act was to help identify the terrorists on the planes; there were brave passengers on Flight 93 who decided to fight rather than let the hijackers hit…
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