New Android Malware Lets Hackers Use Your Device Remotely, Steal Data: 9 Ways to Prevent TangleBot
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A new malware called TangleBot was recently discovered attacking Android users in the United States and Canada. Experts said that this Android malware could access user microphones, cameras, SMS, call logs, internet and GPS without their awareness.
Cloudmark threat analysts called TangleBot a "clever and complicated new SMS malware attack." It works around Android security features and exploits user vulnerability by tempting them to click a link via text message using COVID-19 information.

Android Malware 2021: TangleBot Uses COVID 19 Information for Attack

TangleBot sends two types of messages laced with malware.

First is the message saying, "New regulations about COVID-19 in your region." Second is a message saying, "You have received the appointment for the 3rd dose (vaccine appointment)." Both messages have links embedded in them.

Clicking on those links would redirect users to the internet. Users would be prompted to update their Adobe Flash player, which includes files containing TangleBot.

When installed, TangleBot would be difficult to detect and remove from the infected device.

Android Malware: The TangleBot Attack

Some users downloading the TangleBot would be warned about user permission. The devices would ask for access to smartphone contracts, SMS, phone capabilities, call logs, internet camera,…
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