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The Amiga community has more than just Vampires and Warps. There is also a new ARM on the Amiga project called the Buffee project. This is a new drop-in 68000 replacement with custom hardware and software components based around 68030 CPU that was made by Motorola. The optimistic goal is about a 3.2GHz 68030 which is around 1,000 MIPS for
the project which is insane fast for Classic Amiga standard.

Also, the board will come with 512MB or 1GB RAM which will take the AmigaOS usage on Classic Amiga pretty far. With this one out. Vampire and Warp will have a serious competitor.

First, as an accelerator then adding more later

The first board revision of the Buffee board for Amiga is planned to only be a CPU accelerator and nothing more; There will be no HDMI, no USB, no WiFi, or Ethernet added when the first board is out. If this project is successful, then the future boards may certainly have more which is a wise move. Taking steps by steps is important. Amitopia Amiga Magazine goal is to help this project as much as the magazine can.

The ARM-CPU of the Octavo module emulates a 68k processor using a special JIT emulator called Pseudo JIT which supposedly can achieve the speed of a 68030 clocked with 3.2 GHz. Additional to the firmware, the hardware design is freely available. According to the developers in their blog, the production of prototypes gets closer.

Buffee wants to bypass Vampire in speed

The Buffy projects aim at bringing Classic Amiga computers to about a 500MHz PowerPC territory. Vampire 68080FPGA cards reach the speeds of 90MHz PowerPC machines according to the creators of the Buffee board. The aim with the board is to reach 2005 with more than 1,000MIPS in power. It means that gaming and watching MPEG2 movies is something you can be expecting to be doing on your Classic Amiga soon.

YouTube in a browser will be possible in 360p or a bit higher. But then the Classic Amiga computers need to get a good web browser. Don't expect HD videos yet on Classic Amiga, but each project is doing the impossible possible it seems. So you never know. Playing YouTube's externaly would be possible in a way.

With goals to reach 1,000 MIPS this new Buffee…
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