New Motorola Edge loses the curved display, adds a 144Hz refresh rate
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The curved screen isn't part of the $700 Edge anymore, but buttery-smooth animations should make up for that.

Motorola is revealing the new Motorola Edge for 2021 Thursday, updating its higher-end phone as part of an in-person event at Yankee Stadium in New York. The Edge (not to be confused with the U2 guy, of course) will cost $700 in the US, a price that roughly converts to £515 or AU$975. For that sum, Motorola is including impressive upgrades to the phone's display and camera, while simplifying its line to just the Edge, as opposed to last year's Edge and Edge Plus.

To tempt you even more, Motorola is running a deal where you can get an Edge for $500. That's $200 off. The Motorola Edge will commence presale starting Aug. 23 and will launch on Sept. 2.

The Motorola Edge's most obvious 2021 update will be its 144Hz high refresh rate display alongside a 108-megapixel main camera, which will be paired up with several of Motorola's software upgrades for wirelessly connecting your phone to a TV for gaming, video calls and more.

Unlike the previous Edge phones, named for the curved display, this year's Edge has a decidedly flat screen. The Edge name is instead referring to "cutting edge" technology included in the phones. Removing the curved sides was a reaction to how people are making use of their phones now, Motorola noted, as opposed to a year and a half ago.

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The Motorola Edge has a 144Hz high-refresh rate display

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