New UK Research Agency for High Risk Science and Technology
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ARIA will be used to quickly identify and fund transformational science and technology.
The UK government has announced its intention to form a new research agency for high risk, high reward science and technology. The Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA) will empower leading scientists to identify and fund potentially groundbreaking research, in an attempt to establish the UK as a global scientific leader.

A date has not been set for the launch of the agency but it is hoped it will be fully operational by 2022. The government is currently recruiting for a CEO and chair.


ARIA will add on to the UK's existing Research and Innovation body, UKRI. It will be influenced by similar organisations that have already proved successful, such as ARPA and DARPA in the US, which were crucial to the foundation of the internet, GPS and the development of the mRNA vaccine.

ARIA will be dedicated to seeking out and fostering radical innovation at speed through funding, business engagement and the simplification of R&D bureaucratic processes. It will experiment with different funding models, have a higher tolerance for project…
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