New York Governor Shuts Down All Broadway Shows as Other Institutions Close Over COVID-19 Fears
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Governor Andrew Cuomo has called for the temporary shutdown of Broadway. Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and the Met have also closed.
As the global coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, both corporate entities and government bodies are amping up their responses by canceling large-scale events of all kinds. The latest: New York governor Andrew Cuomo has called for the shutdown of all performances at Broadway theaters starting at 5:00pm ET today. Variety reports that the governor has restricted gatherings with more than 500 people, except schools, hospitals and mass transit, effective March 13. "Cuomo was initially hesitant to close down Broadway, saying in a press conference he was conflicted about how to handle large public gatherings," the outlet noted.

In a press conference announcing the restriction, Cuomo told assembled press, "You don't want to shut down society, because that's massively disruptive — to the economy, to life, etc., but your main concern here is the public health crisis, and it's balancing the two."

On Thursday afternoon, a number of institutions had already announced their temporary closures, including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Metropolitan Opera, based at Lincoln Center, announced its temporary closure in a statement posted on its website. Per the opera, "All Met performances have been canceled through March 31, effective immediately. The safety and security of our audiences and employees is the Met's highest priority, and in…
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