NHL Playoffs Daily 2021 - Colorado Avalanche fighting to stay alive against Vegas Golden Knights

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Three of the NHL's final four have arrived, with the Islanders the latest team in. Will the Golden Knights join the party Thursday?
The Islanders put up three goals in the second period as they take down the Bruins 6-2, and win the series 4-2. (1:51)

The Boston Bruins were sent home on Wednesday night, and the New York Islanders are the third team to reach the Stanley Cup semifinals.

Thursday night, the Colorado Avalanche -- the top team in the regular season -- will try to avoid a similar fate as the Bruins. But the Avs' task isn't easy: they have to win in Vegas, where the Golden Knights pummeled them in Games 3 and 4 of this series.

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Thursday's game

Game 6: Colorado Avalanche at Vegas Golden Knights | 9 p.m. (Knights lead 3-2)

Colorado is one of the fastest and most skilled teams in the league. But the Avs will suffer their second straight second-round elimination if they can't beat Vegas tonight. Though the Avs are typically lauded as one of the best-built teams in the league, a loss in this series could trigger questions about whether the Avs are built for the playoffs, and if the team needs more "grit" or "jam."

Meanwhile, the Golden Knights are looking to capitalize off the home crowd yet again and clinch a spot in the NHL's final four for the third time in four years. As Vegas stormed back to win three straight games in this series, the team is leaning into a familiar mindset.

"It's been a while since we were the underdog, but we're back at it in this series," Jonathan Marchessault said. "We're playing the best line in the NHL, the best team in the NHL, and we're playing like there's no tomorrow. We're surprising the world of hockey right now by being up 3-2."

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