Nuggets news: Michael Porter Jr future update after Aaron Gordon contract
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After the Nuggets locked up Aaron Gordon, some question whether it impacts Michael Porter Jr.'s future deal. The short answer? It doesn't.
The Denver Nuggets just spent big on Aaron Gordon. The athletic swingman signed a four-year, $92 million extension that keeps him in the Mile High city throughout his prime. But one question asked by some would be how this deal affects his frontcourt partner Michael Porter Jr.?

The short answer? It doesn't. That's according to NBA insider Keith Smith. After commenting on the deal the Nuggets locked Gordon into, one fan opined that the massive figure could affect what Denver will eventually offer MPJ.

Denver gave Aaron Gordon a touch more than I would have liked. But, way more importantly, they are going for it. And that's awesome.…
R.P. Salao
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