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"Why should I use Nyxt if I can use Vimium?"

"Why should I use Nyxt if I can use Vimium?" By John Mercouris and Pedro Delfino

The infamous question

After introducing Nyxt to some people, it is frequent to hear to questions such as: /Why should I use Nyxt if I can use Vimium (or 'Vimari 'Vrome 'Chromemacs 'Vimperator …) in my-favorite-popular-web-browser?/

This question is reasonable. Web browsers and their extensions are part of one's daily habits. If one happens to be productive using them, it just makes sense to be really careful before trying something new.

In order to answer this frequent question, we decided to list four points that show the difference between Nyxt and popular plug-ins such as:

All of them try to bring the Vim/Emacs philosophy to mainstream web browsers. Our goal is not to demean other projects but clarify the contrast between Nyxt and those plug-ins. Each point will be illustrated by useful practical examples.


Nyxt is fully customizable and extensible, plug-ins are not. Practical examples: In Nyxt, users can customize the alphabet used for link-hinting. It does not need to be the Latin alphabet. If the user is using a popular "QWERTY" keyboard, it could be changed to "qwertyasdfgzxcvb" to provide more ergonomics. Same for Dvorak keyboards.

It is possible to create different modes and each mode could have its own keybindings. As an example, a user could define three different modes using the same keybindings (e.g. "Control-x") such as "gaming-mode", "gmail-mode", and "documentation-mode". Depending…
By John Mercouris and Pedro Delfino
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