Obama says Trump is a "symptom of" and "accelerant to" misinformation

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Mr. Obama said misinformation has been "turbocharged because of social media... And because the head of our government, of our federal government, has resorted to it."
Former President Obama criticized President Trump this week on the popular political podcast "Pod Save America," calling the sitting president an "accelerant to" misinformation.

Host Tommy Vietor, who served as Mr. Obama's National Security Council spokesman and special assistant, asked about Mr. Trump tweeting an allegation that the former president spied on Mr. Trump's campaign. Mr. Obama said it is an example of bigger problems.

"The allegations are so absurd that even Republican controlled committees looking into it have dismissed them. And, you know. Attorney General Barr has dismissed them," Mr. Obama told Vietor. "But you know, this is an example, I think, of a larger problem. Well, two larger problems."

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