OBGYNs say pregnant people should feel safe getting the coronavirus vaccine

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Two physicians recommend the vaccine in pregnancy and while breastfeeding. But if you're scared of it, you shouldn't feel forced into getting it.
Two physicians said they recommend the COVID-19 vaccine for all pregnant and breastfeeding people.

The only exception is that people who've had a serious reaction to a vaccine or part of the COVID-19 vaccine should consult their doctor first.

If you're "super fearful," don't feel forced: "There's so many things to worry about when you're pregnant."

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OB-GYN Dr. Jessica Shepherd cannot think of a single pregnant person whom she'd tell to not get the COVID-19 vaccine.

"As an OB-GYN, as a physician, as a mom, I would definitely recommend for people who are hesitant about the vaccine to strongly consider it," she said during a March webinar with Insider discussing COVID-19 shots in pregnancy.

Fellow panelist Dr. Jessica Madden, a pediatrician and…
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