Oculus's Quest 2 is a Much-Needed Escape From Reality

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A standalone VR headset that allows you to jump into room-scale virtual experiences within seconds
The Takeaway: The Oculus Quest 2 is a wireless standalone virtual reality headset that creates shared digital spaces over the internet. You can walk around these virtual environments and interact with objects inside of them while joined by other people from anywhere in the world. A powerful mobile Snapdragon processor runs an onboard Android-based operating system that allows you to run apps and games directly from the headset without the need for a gaming console or computer.

There's no external tracking sensors, wires, or PC needed, so you can take the Quest 2 on the move and share gameplay with a group using a Chromecast-equipped TV or streaming stick. If you have a beastly gaming computer, you can even connect the headset to your PC to play high-fidelity games like Half Life: Alyx. The light body, ease of use, high performance, and low price tag have never aligned for a better time to jump into the VR space. New apps, games, and software drop weekly with highly anticipated titles like Resident Evil 4: VR edition launching exclusively on the Quest 2 later this year.

I've used the Quest 2 for over a year and still think it remains unchallenged as the best VR headset available today. That comes down to a few things; ease of use, comfort, and performance. Unlike any other VR system that is able to fully track your body or room, the Quest 2 doesn't rely on a separate console or computer. Its a standalone device—meaning the headset runs its own operating system and stores games internally for a completely wireless experience. Whenever I want to play a game, I simply throw on the goggles and hop right into a virtual war zone or casino within seconds. Even without the , the headset is lightweight and comfortable for extensive sessions, coming in at just 1.1 pounds. Lastly, each experience runs without a hitch thanks to accurate motion tracking, buttery smooth frame rates, and a crisp 1832 x 1920 pixel display for each eye with support for refresh rates up to 120…
Hunter Fenollol
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