OMB Lists Positions Stripped of Job Protection Under Trump Order | RealClearPolitics
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Three words (contracted to two) made Donald Trump famous: "You're fired." They defined his celebrity on reality television, and they could now make him infamous among career civil servants who...
normally enjoy legal protections that make it extremely difficult to remove them from their posts.

The president signed an executive order last month creating a new class of federal worker; it encompasses career staff involved in "confidential, policy-determining, policy-making, or policy-advocating." Such workers, now categorized as "Schedule F," have been stripped of job protections that previously covered most federal employees. As a result, they can be fired much more easily.

More than creating a new bureaucratic classification, the move gives the president greater freedom to go after the so-called "deep state" career civil servants that he said hamstrung his term in office. He ordered government agencies in October to review their employees and report back with lists of "Schedule F" employees no later than Jan. 19, the eve of Inauguration Day.

The Office of Management and Budget has completed its task, RealClearPolitics has learned. According to an…
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