On Leap Year Day, Raspberry Pi 4 cost is sliced

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The Raspberry Pi is putting a cherry on top of its 8th anniversary cake by offering its popular top-of-the-line computer module for just $35. It's a remarkable offer for a company that thrust itself onto the computer scene in 2012 with a credit-card sized Raspberry Pi 1 that featured a 700MHz ARM11 processor and 256MB of RAM. The price back in 2012: the same $35.
With a birthday falling on the quadrennial Leap Day, Feb. 29, Raspberry now offers its top selling product, the Raspberry Pi 4, and it is by leaps and bounds more powerful than its debut offering in 2012. Compared to the Pi 1, the Pi 4 offers 40 times the CPU performance, eight times the memory, 10 times the I/O bandwidth, four times the number of screen pixels, two screen connectors instead of one and dual band wireless networking.

The Raspberry was introduced eight years ago as a low-cost microcomputer that permitted hobbyists of all ages, especially school children, to learn the basics of programming using languages such as Scratch and Python. From the start, the Raspberry Pi was capable of performing basic computer tasks such as web browsing, word processing and spreadsheet creation.

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