OpenGate Entertainment Customers Obtain Literary Representation Deals with Morris Entertainment
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Morris Entertainment has signed representation deals with OpenGate Customers.
I am so pleased with being able to gain representation from Morris Entertainment and would like to thank the entire OpenGate team for their efforts in helping me advance my prospects in the entertainment industry

OpenGate Entertainment, the largest curator of original concepts in the entertainment industry, has announced that The agreements are representative of the value derived from an engagement with OpenGate Entertainment, and further enhances the stature and recognition that each of the creators is poised to receive.

Capitalizing on the insatiable demand for content, OpenGate has spent the last year plus developing truly original ideas and concepts sourced from the entire spectrum of voices and cultures, with a focus on full representation across the slate. Through OpenGate's proprietary development process, OpenGate has access to the most diverse and sizable original content and concepts deal flow in the industry. With this near never-ending flow of Original Concepts and Ideas that are then fully developed and curated, a…
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