Opinion: Let's not pretend David Perdue wasn't being racist about Kamala Harris

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Anushay Hossain writes that Sen. David Perdue's purposeful mispronunciation of Sen. Kamala Harris' first name was racist and "familiar to too many immigrants and people of color across America who have personal and painful stories of being bullied over our names."
Anushay Hossain is a journalist and host of the Spilling Chai podcast. The views expressed are her own. Read more opinion at CNN.

(CNN) Sen. David Perdue, a Georgia Republican who is facing a tight reelection battle , intentionally mispronounced Sen. Kamala Harris' name at a Friday rally in Macon, Georgia, where he took the stage before introducing President Donald Trump.

The GOP Senator called the vice presidential candidate, and his Senate Budget Committee colleague whom he has served alongside for years, "Ka-MAL-a, Ka-MAL-a or Kamala, Kamala, Ka-mala, -mala, -mala, I don't know, whatever," drawing laughter from the crowd. (Harris herself has written that it's pronounced "'comma-la ,' like the punctuation mark.")

Does anybody aside from Trump's toxic base find this racist behavior funny? The answer is no.

Sabrina Singh, Harris' press secretary, was quick to call out Perdue's behavior. "Well that is incredibly racist," she said on Twitter, urging voters to cast their ballots for his Democratic rival Jon Ossoff.

A spokeswoman for Perdue's campaign pathetically attempted to gaslight and defend the senator's remarks in a statement to CNN.

"Senator Perdue simply mispronounced Senator Harris' name, and he didn't mean anything by it," said Casey Black. "He was making an argument against the radical socialist agenda that she and her endorsed candidate Jon Ossoff are pushing."

Black can keep her attempt to spin for her boss because too many…
Opinion by Anushay Hossain
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