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Opinion | The Second Impeachment: 'President Trump Betrayed His Country'

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Readers discuss whether Congress should be spending its time on impeachment and how Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney have responded to efforts to remove the president.
It has a certain karma to it. This is, after all, how Mr. Trump has always treated everyone he has used and abused over the past 40 years. "Use 'em up and throw 'em away."

Sandi Campbell

Siler City, N.C.

To the Editor:

On Monday, President Trump met with Vice President Mike Pence for over an hour. This was their first meeting since Mr. Trump sicced his mob of rioters to march on the Capitol while vilifying the vice president for his failure to shield him from electoral failure and disgrace. The mob obliged by chanting Mr. Pence's name and constructing a makeshift gallows.

The meeting between these two men was described in the media as a "good conversation." What might we all have sacrificed to have been a fly in the vice president's hair so we might have…
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