Opinion: What Democrats in Congress don't get

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Frida Ghitis writes that the Democrats in Congress battling over the size of the reconciliation measure are missing the larger picture. Instead of working together to ensure Biden succeeds as president, they are refusing to budge from their positions.
Frida Ghitis , ( @fridaghitis ) a former CNN producer and correspondent, is a world affairs columnist. She is a frequent opinion contributor to CNN, a contributing columnist to The Washington Post and a columnist for World Politics Review. The views expressed in this commentary are her own. View more opinion on CNN.

(CNN) There's a jarring disconnect between the political contest among Democrats in Washington, DC, and the reality of the danger faced by the country. It's a perplexing spectacle that undoubtedly pleases most Republicans -- especially Trump supporters -- and leaves many Democrats increasingly anxious.

While former President Donald Trump and his backers continue their dangerous maneuvers in an effort to retake power, Democrats in Congress are battling over the size of President Joe Biden's signature campaign promise, a major infrastructure plan, and somehow fighting like it's 1999.

It's not. This is 2021, the year after Trump tried to overturn a legitimate election and upend American democracy. This is 2021, the year in which Trump and his increasingly committed allies are making progress in their strategy to overcome, with an eye on future elections , the obstacles that prevented their coup from succeeding.

This is a time like no other. But Democrats in Congress seem to be blind to what's at stake.

Instead of working together to ensure Biden has a successful presidency, something that is crucial not just for the United States but for the rest of the world -- more on that in a moment -- they are entrenching themselves in their positions, thus far refusing to budge over their differences.

Progressive Democrats say they will oppose a $1 trillion bipartisan bill unless a larger $3.5 trillion package is approved. They view the much greater one as a unique opportunity to bring transformative change with a universal Pre-K program, child care provisions, expanding Medicare's coverage, among other investments. Moderates say the larger spending package is…
Opinion by Frida Ghitis
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