Opinion | When Medical Ethics Collide With Basic Fairness

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Too many people remain stubbornly stuck to the steady diet of lies they've been fed for months.
But the longer this pandemic goes on, the more l feel fury rising in my throat like bile. I am growing angrier and angrier about the ignorance and the arrogance that keep making things unnecessarily harder, and so much more dangerous, for the rest of us.

Even as Delta ravages the South, too many people stubbornly repeat the lies they've been told for months. As a result — not just here but all over the country — others are dying of treatable non-Covid illnesses and suffering unendurable non-Covid pain, all for lack of room at hospitals to treat them.

This stopped being something I only read about in the news when it hit home for my friend Betsy Phillips, a writer and local historian who has been contending all year with a life-threatening condition that remained undiagnosed until very…
Margaret Renkl
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