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Patients Seek Surgery to Combat Major Covid-19 Risk Factor: Obesity
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Medical procedures that spur weight loss are on the rise, as research suggests obese Covid-19 patients face heightened risk of severe outcomes
Eliza Henderson has been thinking about getting surgery to shrink her stomach and help her lose weight for more than a year. At age 48, she's 5-foot-3 and weighs 232 pounds, giving her a body-mass index of 41, well over what the National Institutes of Health defines as obese.

"I just never wanted to take the plunge," she said. Then, the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Lockdowns forced her to work from her home in Suffern, N.Y., instead of her Manhattan office as a secretary for a drug company. She anxiously consumed snacks, Ben & Jerry's ice cream and beer…
Robbie Whelan
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