People I've Never Heard of (and Megan Fox) Get Raunchy at the VMAs
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Since my name twin is trending on Twitter, it's obviously a topic I have to write about. First of all, a public service announcement: I am NOT Megan Fox the actress, so I do not want weird DMs i...
n my inbox every time she trends looking for nude pix. Please, stop. And get a new hobby, weirdo.

Last night a bunch of people I've never heard of had an awards show where they patted themselves on the backs and gave each other awards that don't really mean anything. For some reason, people watch this. I don't, but then I wake up and get on Twitter to see what's happening today and all I see is this ridiculous crap.

.@LilNasX gave us a little twirl on the #VMAs red carpet! 💃🕺 He's up for 6 awards tonight, including Video of the Year — MTV NEWS (@MTVNEWS) September 12, 2021

Frankly, that dude was actually better dressed than most of the women there, who were all trying to out-whore each other. What in the ever-loving nuttery is this, Megan Fox?

Machine Gun Kelly e Megan Fox no red carpet do #VMAs. — macinews (@macinewss) September 12, 2021

Aren't you bored yet? It's the same thing on repeat every single year. How naked can we get without being naked? Just go naked and get it over with already. Where are the feminists, by the way, who should look at this and notice that the men at the VMAs are all wearing clothes, while the women are almost nude? Isn't this dressing for the male gaze? What message does this send to our daughters? Where the hell are the feminists who want to see this stopped? Where are the Megan Rapinoes when you need them? Color me confused. Victoria's Secret cancels the runway show and hires a bunch of butch girls to be the faces of their stores, but the gals in Hollywood are still living in the year 2015, I guess.

I'm not…
Megan Fox
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