Peyton and Eli Manning doing 'Monday Night Football' was better than we ever imagined
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The best thing to happen to football since the forward pass.
We really didn't know what to expect when ESPN announced it would run a parallel broadcast of Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli Manning. Sure, we all understood their football chops, and they showed the ability to entertain on Saturday Night Live, but sustaining that for a three hour football game is a whole other story.

Now, just one night in, we can immediately say this experiment wasn't just a success, but one of the most fun things to happen to the NFL in decades. Not only was the Manning-based telecast informative, but it was damn, damn funny.

Peyton and Eli

"shocking that a helmet doesn't fit you they didnt have a 2xl helmet to fit that forehead??" — Tony X (@soIoucity) September 14, 2021

It was non-stop entertainment. Two guys with decades of experience bantering and poking fun at each other, applied to an NFL game. This was pro football meets a YouTube reaction video, and it didn't take long to realize we were watching something…
James Dator
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