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Pfizer, Feds at Odds Over Third Dose; No Spectators at Olympics; 'Trashy' Hospital
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Pfizer and its vaccine partner BioNTech will seek FDA authorization for a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine, citing positive data from an Israeli study; in response, the CDC and FDA issued a joint statement saying data do not yet support the need for a third dose. (The Hill)

Calling it a "very heavy judgement," the head of the Tokyo Olympic Committee announced that the competition will be held without spectators, because of a recent surge in COVID-19 cases. (CNN)

Also on the international COVID-19 front, Australian officials warned of an extended lockdown in Sydney if the current case surge continues, and officials in Seoul, South Korea increased COVID-related restrictions to the highest level, just short of a lockdown, because of concern about a potential surge. (Reuters)

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