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Enter…the PicoRioTM open-source project. Stewarded by the RISC-V International Open Source Laboratory (also known as RIOS Lab) – a nonprofit research lab at Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI), the PicoRio will be a RISC-V-based small-board computer available at an affordable price point.
PicoRio three-phase development

To give focus to such an effort, it helps to have concrete targets. We aim to release a new PicoRio version every year and we will divide the development of PicoRio into three phases:

First Phase (PicoRio 1.0):

We include a basic 64-bit quad-core cache-coherent design (RV64GC) that runs full Linux. We have already booted a Chromium OS kernel in command-line mode. A standalone version of Chrome V8 JavaScript engine will run directly on the kernel. We expect an early beta release late this year. This "headless" version of PicoRio should be fine for software development.

Second Phase (PicoRio 2.0):

In addition to improving the v1.0 hardware, RIOS Lab is partnering with Imagination Technologies to integrate a complete multimedia pipeline alongside our open 64-bit RISC-V cores to provide a modern, affordable Linux-based PC-like environment. This will include Imagination's PowerVR GE7800 XE series GPU to enable developers to run graphics-intensive applications (such as web browsers).

Imagination's efficient PowerVR GPUs

The PowerVR Series7XE Series, which includes the GE7800, is a range of ultra-efficient, silicon-proven, highly-featured GPUs that have been designed specifically to deliver the…
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